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-------------------------- THE RISE OF GLOBAL ANTISEMITISM 312 PAUL GARDNER In this session, Dr Gardner will explore the dramatic rise in global antisemitism during the past few years and examine the implications for Jewish communities in Australia. He will identify the sources and describe the changing nature of the political ideologies that drive them. THE IRAQ WAR, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, AND THE FUTURE OF THE REGION - YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED Mathews Theatre A 90 minutes HAGAI SEGAL Did Bush go to war because of the dreaded WMDs, or, as the anti-War coalition would have you believe, because he wants his hands on Iraq's oil ?!? What does this mean post-war, what effect has the conflict had on the region as a whole, has it increased the future likelyhood of terrorism, and how has it affected Israel ? Hagai Segal reveals all. GLOBAL TERRORISM AND THE MEDIA 311 DANIEL MANDEL News and current affairs coverage dealing with terrorism has changed over time and takes different forms in different contexts. Is anti-Israel terrorism depicted differently and if so why? How is this done? Does this have implications for Arab-Israeli peace making? ---- EUTHANASIA - JEWISH PERSPECTIVES 303 IAN KERN Despite the developments in medical science and genetic engineering, euthanasia remains one of the most difficult and painful issues for Medical Ethics. What are the principles that govern Jewish approaches to euthanasia? Are there times when Judaism permits euthanasia? What assistance can an understanding of Jewish sources give to someone making such a difficult