Easy Hebrew Audio Download


If you find the size of the files difficult to download, try selecting the smallest ones first.

Note that these files are designed to be first downloaded to your hard drive before you can play them. In other words, they are not streamed audio!

After downloading, you will need to unzip them (zipped files contain a checksum, and if they unzip without error it guarantees you received the entire file without errors in transmission). They are a mix of MP3 and AAC files, you may find they play on various modern phones, digital media players etc.



To playback these sound recordings on a Windows 98 or later PC, or a Mac, you need to first download and install Apple's free Quicktime (version 7.0 or later).

For a Windows 95 PC you need Quicktime 5.0.5 (9.6 MB .exe) but you may only be able to play the MP3 files.

For PC users who don't have Winzip or some other utility to unzip files, try the free - Stuffit Expander.


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