Please report any errors, large or small, that you may find. It improves the quality of this material for everyone.

Hebrew Errors:

Lesson 2 in row 5 of the first table, "vowel short 'u' like u in but" should be "vowel short 'u' like oo in book".

Lesson 5 1b, the answer "hyeled gadol" should be "hayeled hagadol".

Lesson 12 p38, Nikhnas has a seva which should be a chiriq.

Lesson 12 p38, ain sagur is split over two lines and is not clear.

Lesson 13 50 shouldn't have a dagesh.

Lesson 13 4a, Echad should have as first vowel a segol.

Lesson 16 in the last verb table (ie see/perceive), the imperative entry "resh aleph bet" should be "resh aleph heh". Thanks Harry. The infinitive should be have as first vowel chiriq not patach.

Answers To Exercises 1b, b'sucar should have a dagesh on the beit.

Throughout (eg p28) Pa'al has been spelled Fa'al.

English Errors:

Lesson 1 in exercise 2b, "word types from the filter menu" should be "word type filter".

Lesson 2 in second paragraph of the "Syllables" section, "shut syllables" should be "closed syllables".

Lesson 6 in paragraph 5 & 6, "conjugation" should be "conjunction".

Lesson 12 p38, electrician should hava a small -.

Lesson 14 p44, Pronoun should have a lowercase p.

Lesson 16 p50, infinitive of yatza is "(to go out/exit)".

Lesson 16 p51, infinitive of yashav is "(to sit)", not "(to go out/exit)".

Appendix C "Yud Hey Vav He" should be "Yud Hey Vav Hey".

Guttural has been spelt "gutteral" throughout the document.

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