Addressing Anti Israel Media Bias


street theatre is not news

The mainstream Jewish community argues that it is the exposed to systematic bias in many institutions and forums in today's world. It is an important topic, and this is why this material is posted here on a Jewish web site - I hope visitors here will factor in this material when forming your opinions...

Palestinians are masters of putting forward their position, which means presenting themselves as the 'David' in the David and Goliath battles they are engaged in. As you see here, they have such sympathy, on average, in the media to allow a photoshoot such as this 'street theatre' to be reported as news. Journalists here have breached their own standards of professional conduct - but this is acceptable it seems if the cause is good enough. Many journalists and editors involved in reporting the conflict are open activists of the Palestinian position, and this shows up in not just opinion pieces but in supposedly objective news reports as well. This seriously politicises public discourse, and acceptability of media activism then spills over into other conflicts and issues.

Here are some examples of the steady stream of claims Palestinian officials have made on the public record, that the media reports on, most often leaving their credibility unchallenged.

Representative Samples

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