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I came across your site while looking for a Hebrew dictionary on line. I saw the link for "Judaism and Jesus Don't Mix". I'm sure you get a lot of mail on this, but I am just one of those "visitors of good will". I don't want to make you believe that Jesus is the Messiah. I do want to let you know that as an author of good will, you cannot truthfully state that Jesus and Judaism don't mix. And you definately cannot state things like, "Messianic Judaism is a recent invention of the missionary Christian movement that combines a mixture of Jewish ritual and Christianity." The name may be new, but the movement isn't.

20th century Messianics are not the same as first century Christians. For a start, the divinity of Jesus was an idea that took time to develop.

I will not write you some long e-mail on why Christianity is actually a sect of Judaism. I will however refer you to the book by Judith Schaeffer titled "Christianity is Jewish".

The author of this Messianic title is infact Edith Schaeffer. I wonder how a mainstream Christian would feel about their beliefs being categorised as a sect of Judaism.

If you think you have truly researched this topic and your information is correct, then I can tell you that historically you're wrong and your anti-missionary research has probably been more deceptive in making you think that Christianity and Judaism are separate belief systems. In fact the Hebrew scriptures make up most of the Christian Bible and are the entire basis for the Christian Scriptures. Without Torah... no Messiah.

You can simply read anti-missionary sites and I can simply refute what they say with facts. Outreach Judaism is notoriously deceitful.

This is opinion stated as fact.

If you like, reply and I'll give you some examples. Again, it's not my aim to make you believe anything... except that you've been duped if you believe that Judaism and Christianity are wholly separate. I'll even send you a copy of Schaeffer's book for free if you will promise to read it as a researcher of truth and history.

Reply with a shipping address and I will send it. If you choose not to, I only hope you will consider the question of whether or not you are leading people astray with false information just as you claim missionaries do.

This is the end of my message. But below I will outline the similarities in both belief systems that are similar and based on the same Tenak (sic). If you don't want to know, then you don't have to read on. Best wishes and G-d bless. I hope to hear from you.

Name withheld to protect this individual's privacy...

Adam and EveAdam and Eve
Abraham, Isaac and JacobAbraham, Isaac and Jacob
Blood sacrifice through animalsBlood sacrifice fulfilled by messiah (G-d incarnate)
Coming messiahMessiah came and will come again

Amongst other things, not metioned are -

No Human SacrificeSpecial sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary
Strict monotheismTrinity
Emphasis on deedsEmphasis on belief
G-d is incorporealG-d can take human form

These are important differences, and to their respective practicioners - crucial.

This argument is like saying because Americans and Britons both speak English, Americans are British. Further, Jesus is venerated as one of Islam's prophets. Does this make then Islam a sect of Christianity?


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