Russian Evangelism

russian evangelism

Top Left: The crowd of young people enthusiastically waiting for the conclusion - I hope they just came for the tea and biscuits available after the show.

Top Right: Notice the menorah on left stage. And the Israeli flag displayed prominently behind the stage. This use of this flag, which represents Israel, does not have the endorsement of its government or people. These are the deceptive elements of this Christian evangelist effort.

The advertising for activities of this kind typically refer to them as a "being a night of Jewish music", with no mention of actually being a Christian missionary activity. Jewish families thus attend in good faith, believing it to be a genuine community function. I expect this particular deceptive tactic to be used more commonly in the future, as the community's awareness increases and Messianics lose access to the usual means of publicising an event through newspapers etc. Be wary of functions not advertised through the usual channels.

Bottom Left: Is the event stage managed? Notice the people with arms uplifted around the crowd.

Bottom Right: Jew turned Christian missionary Sid Roth. Sid knows that Russian Jews are an easy target because Communism's anti-religion policies have damaged their community's institutions, the level of Jewish education in such a community is typically low (or was in the 1990s).

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