The Myth of Victimhood...

I just read with great interest your article, "Judaism and Jesus Don't Mix." While I respect what you are trying to do, I'm a Messianic Jew, and I believe that Yeshua IS the Messiah, and have therefore started a brand new website to try to reach the thousands of "closet" Jewish brethren "out there" who are afraid to come forward. At least your article is not confrontational like those on Outreach Judaism and other anti-missionary sites, and I commend you for that. I specifically started my website, to counter all the "Rabbi Singers" on the Internet who resort to name calling and sarcasm against my chosen religion.

The Oxford Dictionary defines confrontational as "meet or stand facing; face in hostility or defiance...". I can't recollect anything on Outreach Judaism or other anti-Missionary sites that promote violence or hostility towards Messianics. That certainly would not have the support of the Jewish community. You needn't thank me - it's not a favour I've extended to you, but a behaviour that is demanded by civilised principles.

You say that Rabbi Singer is "resorting to name calling and sarcasm", yet infact that is what you are involved in yourself just now.

While no one can stop you posting whatever content your conscience dictates on the Internet, the question is should you? You talk of countering the Jewish community's reaction to your missionising activity - by more missionising.

This situation is entirely analogous to Palestinian propaganda about suicide attacks. Jewish military reactions to the deliberate targeting of civilians in suicide attacks are used to justify, or make legitimate, yet more suicide attacks.

In your case, the Messianic movement to which you belong has spent tens of millions of dollars over the last decades trying to convert Jews. When the Jewish community responds - in a legitimate way - you claim that you are the victim of a "vilification" campaign, and take on the persona of a victim. You then feel morally justified to *continue* missionising (in your mind "start" missionising in response), and you bear no responsibility for that, even though you began the activity.

This is the same breakdown in the logic of cause and effect that has been used so successfully by the Palestinian leadership in their media war against the Jewish state. There is ample precedence for this kind of thinking in our modern world.

To be clear: you have the right to choose your religion, and the Jewish community respects that. However, you do not have the right to promote your new religion in the Jewish community, and if this were to stop, you could expect organised opposition to it to disappear. It is simply not possible for any community to have a relationship with another community that is campaigning to remove members from it.

I've personally written to Rabbi Singer to point out that he was being "underhanded and deceitful" himself in the way he answered many questions (which, by the way, he's corrected since then!). For instance, it seems he doesn't hesitate to use New Testament scripture to make his point, while at the same time ignoring or "pooh-pooh" it according to whatever mood he's in. Here's a sample of what I'm talking about. He said:

I wrote and asked him if the times Jesus DID say He was God didn't count, as Mat 16:15, John 4:26 and 17:3 certainly SAY that He said it...

I can't see any contradiction between what he says and your quotes. I guess if you could produce a hundred quotes you might have a point, but he does say "almost never".

Obviously, if you are tackling a reasoned argument you want to attack it at it's weakest point. However, this point is not particularly weak.

Take it up with Rabbi Singer.

G-d is G-d; He speaks to those who "have an ear," and the Bible speaks for itself. Hundreds of Bible prophecies have already come true and the rest are quickly falling into place. We'll all know soon whether Messianic Jews deserve the bad rap they're getting or not.

Exactly. Rabbi Singer is not motivated by some sort of malicious intent towards you. Infact, he is actively involved in trying to assist you, as a Jew. Judaism teaches that a Jew is never so far removed from the community that they cannot return. If you have an ear, I urge you to listen to what the Torah teaches and return to Judaism. What you are doing has been going on since ancient times with the Ba'al, the Asteroth, the apostates of the Middle Ages.

The very least I can accept is that you desist in your endeavors to harm the Jewish community.

Name withheld to protect this individual's privacy...


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