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Book Review

Reviewer: BenS

I recently finished reading a 150 page Easy Hebrew book called הסיפור על יגאל(Yigal's Story). This is part of an extensive series of 100 or so books sold in various packs of 5, all related in theme to each other. They are targeted typically at readers with an effective Hebrew reading level of a 9 - 14 year old Israeli.


The book features -

Specifically, Yigal's Story was told from the perspective of a 9 year old boy, about his older brother who is serving in the Palmach during the British Mandate pre-state period. It is suspenseful, and perhaps a bit darker than what you'd expect from a children's book - perhaps the author had intended it also to be appealing to older audiences.

Novels are a good format to learn from, as there is extensive use of first person dialog, and the future tense. Newspaper stories tend to be reporting on events in the past. Additionally, no one likes to read old news, so this format can be good for those who have trouble keeping up with a Hebrew newspaper subscription. Additionally, the language level used throughout is consistent.

Here is a sample of what you'll find on a typical page -


You can purchase הסיפור על יגאל here.

Librivox Audio Books is recent all language audio book site operating under the Creative Commons license. Ie these titles are free to download by all, and they call for volunteer readers.

Many out of copyright modern Hebrew titles are available. Remember that FoundationStone Desktop Edition has a facility to time-stretch audio recordings, if you find the speakers going too fast. And, each audio book has a transcript so you can read along.

Also, bear in mind Librivox may be experiencing capacity problems when you visit, due to the large number of subscribers on this list. If that happens, please check back later and do try to just download what you need immediately, and the rest later...

    Another good resource for Israeli tv, live and recorded, that you may not be aware of is
    Just look for Israeli among all other world language audio/video streams.
ask for more suggestions & reviews.

Hat tip: Marty

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