This page describes how to obtain and time stretch a Hebrew audio file. That is, slow the speaker down so you can hear the words more clearly - give your brain more time to think.

Save The Audo File You Want To Stretch In WAV Format, If Necessary

FoundationStone currently must work on a raw audio file (wav and aiff). So, if you have one of the popular MP3 or AAC format files, save it as a 'mono, CD quality WAV'. Many programs do this, one option is Quicktime, but you will need to upgrade to the Pro version (US$30) to be able to export (ie change formats). A free alternative is VideoLan. Here is an example using VideoLan -


Go Media -> Convert/Save...


Click on the "Convert/Save" button...


adjust the settings...


Click on the "Save" button...


Then click on the "Start" button, you're done.

Then Stretch Your WAV file Using FoundationStone

Go Audio -> Time Stretch Audio File...


When Your Done

You might like to convert the very large uncompressed audio file into a MP3 or AAC for your mobile device. You can use VideoLan again, or iTunes (and choose convert to AAC etc)...

Practice File

Here is a short file to practice on: English/Audio/TimeStretch/speech.wav.

Real Files

Some suggestions are -

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