What is FoundationStone Mobile Edition?

Even busy people have quite a bit of free time each day (eg moments spent waiting for public transport; waiting for a friend to arrive). Additionally we may be involved in activities that don't require our full attention (trapped in unnecessary meetings; making sure the dinner doesn't burn). Time Management gurus say that using this otherwise dead time is important. Hence the desire for a instant and ubiquitous means of learning your wordlists - running on all the major modern mobile devices (Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone etc).



The Mobile edition implements identical logic as the Desktop version running the velocity strategy, with a simplified interface - that is, not all filtering controls are available, and (only) the most frequently used functions are accessible.


Try the default wordlist at -

You will get the default list if you don't enter a correct username and password that identifies your unique list hosted on the server. The application will indicate that it is using the default wordlist, and the reason why.

What does it cost?

FoundationStone Mobile will eventually be sold on a low cost subscription basis of $5 a year (but for now is free!). You can have 1 list online at any one time, but can upload and download them at will. These lists are interoperable with the Desktop version.

The desktop version remains free and will continue under active development.

How to access (upload/download) the wordlist databases?

Browse to the Mobile Server Loader.

If you need to create an account, it will prompt you...

How do I use it on my SmartPhone / Mobile Device?

On your device, browse to the URL -

Bookmark that page on the device. Your browser must support Javascript and cookies.

The application is the same for each device - however due to the way different small device browsers display the web and handle tool tips, button presses and javascript, not all key shortcuts work.

It is suggested you press the phone keypad (known as a T8 entry system) numbers 1 - 5 rather than 'mouse click' the velocity number buttons. To get the translation - you need to mouse over to it and click. This works quite efficiently once you get the hang of it. There is a small screen (cell phone/mobile phone) and 'big' (smartphone) screen version, to cater for the capability of your device (see the links on each page to change).

The first time you go to the page, click Next, to submit the login and password, to serve your wordlist. Otherwise, you get the public, demonstration list, which doesn't have your statistics (ie it has everyones's statistics).

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod, there is an application in the App Store, discussed further here.

Here is a list of what the buttons mean, if tooltips don't work on your mobile browser -


Never Seen


Wrong but remember seeing it


Partially correct


Correct but not confident


Correct and confident

How do I use it in my Desktop Web browser?

Your browser must support Javascript and cookies and have them turned on. That is just about every modern browser!

To learn the function of each button, and the shortcut keys available for it, hover the mouse button over the keys. Or - you can just mouse click the keys.

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