Bug1: Time Stretch Sound File Exceptions on Windows 2000

When stretching a mono file the following exceptions occur -

ch.laoelib.AudioException: cannot create read/write memory mapped channel to temporary processing fileC:\Documents and Settings\someuser\AudioTemp.1125364154496:
freeMemory: 5379368
totalMemory: 8388608
maxMemory: 532742144

        at ch.laoelib.clip.AChannel.createBigSamples(AChannel.java:181)
        at ch.laoelib.clip.AChannel.createSamples(AChannel.java:144)
        at ch.laoelib.operation.AOPitchShift.performPitchShift(AOPitchShift.java:76)
        at ch.laoelib.operation.AOPitchShift.operate(AOPitchShift.java:61)
        at ch.laoelib.clip.ALayerSelection.operateEachChannel(ALayerSelection.java:158)
        at ch.laoelib.AudioUtilities.timeStretchPitchShift(AudioUtilities.java:102)
        at au.com.foundationstone.model.thread.fileop.audio.TimeStretchThread.run(TimeStretchThread.java:39)
Caused by: java.io.IOException: Not enough storage is available to process this command
        at sun.nio.ch.FileChannelImpl.map0(Native Method)
        at sun.nio.ch.FileChannelImpl.map(Unknown Source)
        at ch.laoelib.clip.AChannel.createBigSamples(AChannel.java:177)
        ... 6 more


Windows 2000 (and maybe some other Windows versions), won't supply the requested memory to Java, even when it exists on the system. You need to use a smaller file to stretch. Maybe this is fixed in Windows XP or later.


Have tried to be as memory friendly as possible. These improvements will arrive in the 2.3.3 auto update. It is not possible to work around this Windows bug for a full size file.

Bug2: Linux unicode paste bug

Instead of pasting as -


this word pastes as -


This occurs only on Linux.


Use the True Type font, as described on OnlineHelp/Linux.


On hold.

Bug3: On Some Windows XP Systems (eg Dutch) the launcher fails

I use Dutch WinXP SP3. Every time I start FoundationStone 4.0 I receive -

Application Failure in foundationstone.exe at offset 00019cc1
  Event ID: 1000


A rare bug in the JSmooth Java Launcher. It seems likely that this problem is caused by missing Windows DLLs. Use the foundationStone40.cmd batch script instead (although you get a messy DOS window). Alternatively, run a DLL repair utility such as DLL Nerd on your PC. I've discussed this with the developer of JSmooth.


No plans to fix at this stage, 32bit JSmooth seems to have made it OK into 64bit Windows.

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