Problem1: Small Screen Running Linux

Recently bought an Eee PC, a small UMPC with a screen resolution of 800x480 that runs Xandros Linux. The trouble is at that resolution it's impossible to use the latest and only available Unix version on it. Are there any older versions available for Unix? I know there used to be a version 2 but it's not available. At the moment I'm using version 1.0.7 for Windows using CrossOver. It seems a bit daft though and I can't save.


Having a more versions is more work, so I've kept it down to the bare minimum. Mostly this request comes from African countries - where cost of late model hardware is a big problem. Other places, I've banked on the precipitous drop of the cost of new gear over the last few years, and the big screens available now. So I have a few suggestions.

Firstly, how about a VNC X Windows display, a little bigger than your real resolution? Or an oversized Virtual Display Manager that can be scrolled.

The CrossOver solution is ingenious - but obviously strange and unnecessary to run a cross platform Java app.

Also, version 3+ is really high tech! If you aren't using that, you are missing out on the VelocityStrategy - which is very, very efficient.

Problem1: Chiriq is Missing from the Linux Font

There is a known problem with the postscript FoundationHebrew & FoundationHebrewScript fonts on Linux. One character (Chiriq) does not show up. This is documented here.


This has turned out to be really hard. A couple of Linux people have had a go it it, and had similar results using Fontforge. However, modern Unix distributions can use True Type fonts, so just use that. Take care to adjust the script to change where the font gylphs start (you will see f000 or 0000 settings in there).

Why do we use special Hebrew fonts?. With Unicode, there is no way to do that funky independent highlighting of the characters and vowels that occurs now. Both the consonant and the associated vowel is highlighted.

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