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Try using a [[http://sites.google.com/site/gimespace/home/desktop-extender-edition|Virtual Desktop Manager|target="_blank"]]. Try using a [[http://sites.google.com/site/gimespace/home/desktop-extender-edition|Virtual Desktop|target="_blank"]]. Read more about what they do [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_desktop|here|target="_blank"]].

Question1: Why can't I install FS300.EXE on Windows Vista/Windows 7?

The message "Can't create output file: C:\Program Files\FoundationStone 4.x\FoundationStone.exe" appears.


You need to right click on the install file "FS40X.EXE" and "Run As Administrator". That gives you permissions to install the application.

Question2: How can I run the application on a Netbook (or other small screen)?

You need enough screen real estate or various screen components will not draw correctly.


Try using a Virtual Desktop. Read more about what they do here.

Alternatively, you may be able to reduce the screen size required by adjusting the Edit -> Preferences -> General Preferences... to be smaller than the default values on your platform and restarting the application.


Question3: I am getting an error "not a valid WIN 32 application" trying to open FS409.EXE the download file. What to Do?

There are a few ways this can occur.


Incomplete download of the file. Try the download again, and verify the size of the file you actually get is what is displayed on the download page. If the internet is storing a damaged version of the file, try http://homepage.mac.com/fsweb/Distribution/HighFreq/FS409COPY.EXE

OK, so lets say you get the file OK, and it's still happening. It might be you are missing some DLLs on your PC, in which case you might want to run an application like DLL Nerd over it (especially if other things are not working). But lets say you don't really care too much...

Finally, use the alternative launcher - which launches the java application directly. It should be on your hard disk at C:\Program Files\FoundationStone 4.0\alternativeLauncher.cmd. Its a little bit ugly in that you have a DOS window hanging around, but does the job...

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