A new version of FoundationStone is now available for download at -

What is it?:

FoundationStone is a free application and support materials designed to allow the most efficient learning of its Hebrew vocabulary.  The "Online Hebrew Tutorial" is included as part of the download - a complete, condensed set of language lessons to learn Hebrew.

This release focuses on the idea that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". There are now many other Hebrew language resources in cyberspace, and version 2.3 leverages off that.

What has changed?:

* French, German, Dutch and Spanish localisations.
* unicode cut and paste so you can take text from web pages.
* wordlists can be imported from various other Hebrew programs.
* wordlists can be exported to spreadsheets.
* wordlists can be combined.
* frequency ranked wordlists can be prepared from Hebrew web pages.
* Internet menu giving access to dictionary, translations, easy Hebrew audio and text, and more.
* Spanish Online Hebrew Tutorial included.
* user community website.
* automatic update feature that means you get new features, localisations as they are contributed.
* 25000 words in lists including many from various learn-Hebrew books.
* lots of bug fixes and convenience features...

Fine print on the 60 new features added:


Ben S.

Upgrading users:

* If you are upgrading from a previous version, remember the "Transfer Old Wordlist Statistics and Notes to New Wordlist" function available under the utility menu, that moves your old work onto the new wordlist. See -

Special thank you to:

I have tried in the release to acknowledge the many people who have contributed material - there are too many to thank individually here, and I risk leaving someone out.

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