Slowed Down Audio

Also available: Easy Hebrew Audio - full speed easy Hebrew lectures for intermediate to advanced students.


These files have been broadcast by SBS Radio, Australia. They are Hebrew spoken by native speakers. Thank you to Diane Willman and Nitza Lowenstein of SBS for their generous permission to use the material.

We have performed a pitch-time conversion on the audio. This means the speakers talk at half their regular speed, yet retain their normal voice. Hopefully this will be useful for those trying to improve their Hebrew listening and comprehension skills.

The files are not broadcast quality, given the nature of the pitch-time conversion process itself, and the requirement that the files be compressed enough to be downloadable for most users. And probably I could improve the production process as well. However, within these constraints I have tried to keep as much fidelity in the recording as possible.

After you have mastered these files, go back to SBS Radio Online and listen to their Podcast archive (requires a broadband connection).

You may also like to prepare files like these yourself on more recent broadcasts, using FoundationStone's "Time Stretch Sound File" Function.


It is assumed that you already know perhaps 300 or more Hebrew verbs, for this material to be useful to you.

Play the files through, to get an overview of what is being said. Play it again, trying to fill in the gaps in your comprehension. You probably will not be able to understand every word, but if you can understand the speaker's message you are doing well. Pause and look up words you are unfamiliar with on the third and subsequent playing.