Program Installation For Mac OS X


Java Bits -

Setup under OS X is easy. Simply drag the self mounting disk image containing the application to your applications folder.

FoundationStone 4.0 is known to work on OS X version 10.5.0 or later with at least a 1024 x 768 monitor. It should work on versions 10.4.0 or later. It requires Java 1.5 or later. Pick up the latest version of Java using the "Software Update" System Preferences panel.

Font Bits -

You will find two Hebrew Fonts as part of the download (in the "Fonts" folder). "FoundationHebrew", which is the default printed script, and "FoundationHebrewScript" which is a cursive script.

Install the fonts by dragging and dropping them into:

Running FoundationStone -

Double click the application "".

If you have trouble, read the troubleshooting section.

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