Online Help


Online Help is just html text - it needs translating, and arranging the new language version in a particular structure.


First, decide upon a language and optionally a country code. It is strongly recommended to have a language only - country specific variants are probably not worth the effort of having another translation to keep in synch when the help is updated with each new release.

Once we have a language (eg de - German) or a language/country (eg de_AT - Austrian German) make a new directory inside .../HtmlSupport/OnlineHelp/ called de. Copy the contents of .../HtmlSupport/OnlineHelp/ to inside .../HtmlSupport/OnlineHelp/de/

Following this structure allows new FoundationStone releases to automatically figure out what language to deliver the help in.

Most importantly, send it in when you're finished! Doesn't have to be perfect!

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