What is Localisation?

Localisation is the process of making an application available in multiple Languages. All on-screen content and messages in FoundationStone can be localised in any language now it supports Unicode. I appeal to the user community to assist by sending in translations - even the most basic professional translation below costs around US$250 per language, making it too expensive to be undertaken by the developer alone.

Why is it Important?

Many non native English speakers know enough to use the English version application. However, not every one does, and even so, it is undoubtably more efficient and comfortable to study in your own language.

What Languages are Needed?

Particularly sought are French, Russian, Spanish, German and Portuguese. More than 95% of users speak at least one of these languages (or English). However, I am happy to support any language people are interested to learn in.

Where to Start?

There are three FoundationStone components that need translating. They differ in the size of the task and (my) perceived importance of their completion. As you see, the most important task takes a computer savvy native speaker around 3 hours of work.

TaskEstimated TimeImportance
Translate application screens3 hoursHigh
Translate Online Help10 daysMedium
Translate Online Hebrew Tutorial2 monthsHigh

How to do it?

The basic principle to follow, is to model what you do on the English version. As much as possible, keep the same formats, structure and navigation - just change the text. Special instructions for each component appear below.

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