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This section describes resources for students of Hebrew that are actually online, or at least available over the internet.

The latest version of this page is available online here.

Hebrew Listening Skills, QuickTime audio files.

Provided here are audio files to aid learning speaking and listening. Of particular interest are the slowed down speech files, where the conversation has been slowed to half normal speed.

"Maskilon II - Practical Hebrew Grammar with Exercises", 2nd revised edition (1997) book by Abraham Solomonick, published by Milah Press.

This excellent modern Hebrew book should be your next (modern Hebrew) book after this course. It has been used in the 90's to teach thousands of Russian immigrants in Israel. The book is available in Russian, and now in English; in hardcover and I picked up a copy in Steimatsky's (an Israeli book store) for a very reasonable price.

The book begins with a thorough revision of grammar fundamentals, and then moves into simple, compound and complex sentence formation. It has exercises throughout, most have answers. The exercises are rather hard going so you'll need a high motivation level to benefit from this book.

You can get it online (English or Russian) at although be careful you order the exact same title as above (there are about 3 other Maskilon titles around, including a controlled vocabulary dictionary - if someone has it please send me a review).

"Sha'ar LaMatchil" newspaper, published by Yediot Ahronot.

Is a weekly newspaper consisting of around 20 pages of controlled vocabulary Hebrew. The issues published are the same as in a regular Israeli newspaper (there is no English, and the subject matter is aimed at adults). Thousands of immigrants have used this paper over the years, and reading from it is a regular part of Ulpanim (language courses) in Israel. It is an excellent way of improving your vocabulary and comprehension (and easier than you may at first think), and can be used after completion of the Online Hebrew Tutorial.

Order online at

"Lamishpaha" magazine, published by Histadruth Ivrith of America.

Is a magazine consisting of controlled vocabulary Hebrew, aimed at children and adults. Twelve months (ten issues) subscription is USD $48 to anywhere in the world.

Order online here.

"Yanshuf" magazine.

Is an easy-level Hebrew magazine intended for all ages. Includes current events from Israel and around the world and sections of sport, culture, movies, science, computers, holidays, crosswords, activities and more.

View a sample page here.

Order online at

Easy Hebrew - Israeli Stories book set.

Each set consists of 4 softcover books about Israeli life. Designed for adults learning Hebrew (ie ages 14 & up). Approximately USD $40 per set. Titles are -

Order online at

"Vocabulearn I, Vocabulearn II" audio cassette and booklet, ISBN 0939001004 and 0939001039 respectively. Also available on the iTunes store.

Both of these reasonably priced packages (level I and level II) contain 2 x 90 minute cassettes and a 50 page booklet of the words used (Hebrew, English and a phonetic translation). Unfortunately they are only available in Hebrew/English.

As there is no attempt to teach any grammar you will need to use them in conjuction with a book, or this course. Audio programs can be hard going for absolute beginners - 750 or so words on one cassette can be overwhelming.

Each cassette consists of 4 x 30 minutes sections - Hebrew then English, English then Hebrew. This means that you practice both understanding spoken Hebrew and formulating the right word to say in Hebrew. Audio courses are an important way of learning the language because of this reason, and are handy because you can put them on in your car/walkman on the way to work/school, or doing household chores etc.

The contents are mostly individual words, and some common expressions - around 1500 in each package. They are superior to any other audio courses I have heard, there is no music fading in and out or silly introductions to be listened to 500 times.

The packages are available online at, search on "Vocabulearn and Hebrew".

"Quicktionary" hand held scanner/translator that interfaces to a PC or a Palm Pilot. Hebrew/English version available.

This is a rather expensive dictionary, but if you can afford it may be very handy indeed. By waving the wand over a word, the translation appears on the device. I don't own one of these items (I might if it was half the price); however similar items have had inferior dictionaries to a conventional one. Do your own homework before purchasing.

Details at

"Electronic Pocket Talking Dictionaries". Hebrew/English version available.

There are 3 models of varying capability and price. Again, I don't own one of these items so do your own homework before purchasing.

Details at

"Modern Hebrew" commercial software program that provides interesting short stories and an analysis of each word in context. Each word or sentence can be pronounced by the computer. Includes a dictionary of all words in it's vocabulary. PC/Mac.

Details at

"Davka Dikduk" commercial software program that provides uses exercises, quizes, videos, and vocabulary with niqudoth. Assumes you already know how to read, and basic vocabulary. Rated 5 stars by the Jerusalem Post. PC/Mac.

Details at

"The RosettaStone" commercial software program with versions to learn a variety of languages, including Hebrew. PC/Mac.

This software has nothing to do with Foundationstone. It works in an entirely different way - by teaching words in the context of short phrases, with an illustrating picture. Has support for testing your pronunciation.

RosettaStone Hebrew Products

Navigating the Bible, web site.

Amazing online resource with the Tanach and Real Audio vocalisation, graphics and translations into various languages.

"Other Sites For Students of Hebrew", web page.

Click here for the first section on my related links web page. It has a collection of internet sites that are more than just trivially useful for students of Hebrew (and their teachers).

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