Mac OS X Troubleshooting


The latest version of this page is available online here. Check it for any problems discovered after this version of FoundationStone shipped.

If you have any problems, update to the latest release of OS X and Java using the "Software Update" System Preferences panel.

Another possible cause of the applications misbehaviour is a corrupt "FoundationStonePreferences" file. You'll find it in your home directory's Library/Preferences folder. Quit the application, delete the preferences, then relaunch it.

If you encounter problems with the auto update feature, it is suggested that you download the application again, and allow the auto update to run again.

A bug was discovered with browser launching from the menus under some versions of Java 1.4.1_01 under OS X 10.2.8. Apple posted a "Java 1.4.1 Update 1" that fixed this, put subsequently removed the update from Software Update. If affected, try updating to, or reinstalling whatever the latest release is when you read this.

If you are upgrading to Mac OS X 10.4.x (Tiger), there seems to be some font issue where it does not recognise the upgraded font. Solution seems to be -

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