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The full install process

If you and Windows are strangers, you may like to look at these step by step instructions first.

Install Java -

Please note that FoundationStone is a Java application, not an applet. It has nothing to do with your web browser.

To use the application, you will first need to download and install Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE - also known as the "JVM"). This is the software required to actually run the FoundationStone Java program (a program to run a program).

FoundationStone 4.0 has been tested to work under Sun's JRE version 1.6.0, but should work under any version 1.5 or later (prefers 1.6). See the download page for the latest links.

The application is known to work on Windows95/98/Me/NT/2K/XP PCs with at least an 1024 x 768 monitor. Previous versions are offered for those who don't have these minimum requirements.


You can make a shortcut of "foundationStone.exe" and put it in a convenient place (such as your Windows desktop).

If you have Windows95 with the Plus pack (or any later version of Windows) you can make the fonts look much better on screen. Click here.

In most cases FoundationStone can now automatically load the fonts it needs. If you want to have the fonts available to other programs, click here.

Run FoundationStone -

Go to the directory C:\Program Files\FoundationStone 4.0\. Double click foundationStone.exe.

You should see a picture appear as the application starts up. If not, carefully study this section to see if you missed anything.

If you still have trouble, please read the troubleshooting section.

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